The Marr Team

At Marr Consulting International, we have earned our living making good business decisions about tourism potential and in understanding a changing market. Hands-on, practical experience combines with eclectic and innovative experience in managing complex projects involving a variety of stakeholders. We are well experienced in applying rigorous study principles to fully evaluate the opportunities, constraints and especially the consequences of decisions.  

Ruth Marr, M.Sc. – President

As the President of Marr Consulting International and founder of Randonnée Tours, Ruth brings knowledge and passion to consulting assignments. A M.Sc. in Plant Ecology was the impetus for an initial career in environmental consulting. A love of travel and active pursuits, such as cycling and hiking, led to the creation of an innovative adventure travel business. The two experiences combine for a unique perspective on business, tourism and the environment. Ruth acts on her knowledge and love of these topics every day, with a strong emphasis on practical and business-oriented solutions, and has garnered an excellent reputation in the industry. She has a successful track record of directing projects, ensuring that they are completed on time and meeting or exceeding the client's expectations. Her business experience ensures that projects are rooted in reality and have clear objectives. Ruth is also a published author of guidebooks on cycling and walking in Manitoba and regularly commutes by bicycle or on foot and is an avid off-road cyclist. She is very involved in volunteer activities that complement these interests.

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