The Marr Team

At the core and heart of Marr Consulting International Ltd. is Ruth Marr. She brings knowledge and passion to consulting assignments and is skilled at building or participating in teams tailored to the project or assignment requirements.

Ruth Marr, M.Sc. – President
Ruth Marr has 30 years of senior consulting experience. With a M.Sc. in Plant Ecology came a consulting career in environmental issues, active transportation, public engagement and later tourism. A love of travel and active pursuits, particularly rowing, cycling and hiking, led to the creation of three innovative adventure travel businesses. The consulting and travel experiences combine for a unique perspective on business, tourism and the environment.

Ruth acts on her knowledge and love of these topics every day, with a strong emphasis on practical and business-oriented solutions and has garnered an excellent reputation in the industry. She has asuccessful track record of directing projects, ensuring that they are completed on time and meeting or exceeding the client's expectations. Her business experience ensures that projects are rooted in reality and have clear objectives.

When it comes to tourism consulting and strategic planning, she does not just talk the theory of tourism - she acts on the reality of the travel business. Ruth co-founded and owned Randonnée Tours for 15 years, a leading self-guided adventure travel business with tours across Europe and North America. Seven years ago she launched Rowing The World and The Rowing Concierge – a boutique travel company for rowers with tours in over a dozen countries. She recently launched a sister business based in the United States and featuring a new style of travel, Independent Rowing Experiences.

Ruth has earned her living not only through consulting and public engagement, but especially in making good business decisions about tourism potential, the business of tourism, and in understanding a changing market. Hands-on, practical experience in the travel industry combines with eclectic and innovative experience in managing complex projects involving a variety of stakeholders. Ruth is well experienced in applying rigorous study principles to fully evaluate the opportunities, constraints and especially the consequences of decisions.

Ruth has authored two guidebooks on Manitoba – one on cycling and one on walking. She has a strong volunteer background with connections with travel, rowing, business and trail organizations in particular.

Anastasia Morozova
Russian born, Anastasia Morozova graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Masters in Natural Resource Management. Her studies focussed on community sustainable tourism development. She has been working with Marr Consulting International Ltd. and Rowing The World for four years, and she enjoys bringing her international background and education into both the travel and the consulting businesses.

Associates and Sub-Consultants
Ruth is adept at working independently. Many assignments benefit from a carefully selected team with complementary skills and experience. We have worked with many dozens of individuals and companies and will gladly develop a team tailored to the needs of the project. Our most recent collaborations have been with:

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