Company Overview

Marr Consulting International has a wealth of practical and insightful knowledge of the tourism industry that has been garnered through years of successful, hands-on experience. We are highly qualified and uniquely positioned to undertake a broad range of assignments. From the largest to the smallest organizations and businesses, from international marketplaces to regional destination management organizations, Marr Consulting International works to help promote tourism development and initiate new and innovative ideas to bring travellers to these varied destinations. Our work also focuses on sustainable tourism and developing concrete tools for the tourism industry to help integrate sustainability into their product, services and operations.

As the founder of Randonnée, Ruth Marr, President of Marr Consulting International Ltd., does not just talk the theory of tourism - she acts on the reality of travel. Through her various consulting practices, Ruth has earned her living not only through environmental and active transportation consulting and public consultation, but especially in making good business decisions about tourism potential, the business of tourism, and in understanding a changing market. Hands-on, practical experience in the travel industry combines in with eclectic and innovative experience in managing complex projects involving a variety of stakeholders. Marr Consulting International is well experienced in applying rigorous study principles to fully evaluate the opportunities, constraints and especially the consequences of decisions for all projects, whether active transportation, public consultation and engagement, and in environmental consulting projects, but especially for tourism initiatives.

Company History

Marr Consulting International was first established by Ruth Marr in 1990 as Marr Consulting & Communications Ltd. and rapidly gained an excellent reputation particularly in environmental impact assessment studies, other environmental work, strategic planning, active transportation and public consultation projects. Major clients included Manitoba Hydro and the City of Winnipeg, but projects were also completed for both private companies and provincial agencies. The company grew to include several specialist consultants, and frequently partnered with engineering firms, socio-economic companies and landscape architecture firms, as well as individual biophysical specialists. Company president Ruth Marr was often designated Project Manager or Study Director of multi-disciplinary teams evaluating large and complex projects, and Marr Consulting & Communications was frequently the lead consultant or part of the management team on most projects.

In 1997, Marr Consulting & Communications Ltd. ceased active operations due to the success and rapid growth of Ruth's travel companies - Randonnée Tours Ltd. and Randonnée Adventure Travel Ltd. (collectively known as Randonnée). During this time, Randonnée became North America's leading specialist in active, self-guided vacations. In January 2003, with both travel companies well established, Ruth re-activated Marr Consulting & Communications Ltd. which became Marr Consulting Services Ltd. in early 2006. The company focused largely on active transportation and tourism related projects, but also undertook public consultation and strategic planning projects.

From October 2006 to November 2010, Ruth joined forces with Scatliff+Miller+Murray Inc. (SMM), with SMM doing business as Marr Consulting Services. A dynamic, multi-disciplinary team was created with many successful projects completed in the fields of active transportation, tourism, public consultation and environmental consulting.

In November 2010, Ruth left SMM and is exploring new opportunities in tourism and other consulting and business opportunities as Marr Consulting International Ltd.

Randonnée Tours Ltd. and Randonnée Adventure Travel Ltd.

Ruth Marr was the founder and owner of both Randonnée Tours Ltd. and Randonnée Adventure Travel Ltd. Over the course of its history, Randonnée offered more than 75 standard self-guided cycling, walking, hiking, multi-sport, skiing and driving adventure tours, each of which could be personalized. No other company offered as much self-guided variety and quality, servicing a worldwide clientele. Ruth and the Randonnée team created an exceptionally comprehensive process for the design, administration, operation and marketing of intricate and often complex FIT vacations. In addition, custom group itineraries were developed for both active and cultural travel, some of which Ruth personally guided. Randonnée officially closed its doors in Winnipeg in December 2005.

As a result of Randonnée’s success as an international tour operator, Marr Consulting International has developed a global perspective on the tourism industry.  Tourism trends, tourist expectations (Canadian, American, European) and a thorough understanding of existing tourism experiences in Manitoba, across Canada and around the world – all are areas in which Marr Consulting International has expertise.

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