Marr Consulting International Ltd.

Welcome to Marr Consulting International Ltd. We are dynamic, curious and experienced.
And very straightforward, just like this website.

Thirty years of business experience in eclectic fields and diverse directions means that we offer a wealth of ideas and perspectives, key ingredients in strong strategy and effective business solutions. Regardless of whether we are working in tourism, offering business advice, implementing a marketing plan or working as part of a consultation team, we bring drive, determination and a depth of wisdom. It is big picture thinking and experience, focused to your scale.

We have built a successful consulting company. We have also created three adventure travel companies, all of which still exist and two of which we still own an operate, Rowing The World and Rowing The World USA, Inc. This means that we bring pragmatic business sense to our consulting projects. We know first-hand that there are consequences to advice and business decisions. In the travel industry we often say that inspiration and information are equally important. This is true of many industries. So are ideas. But even more critical is bringing ideas into action. Let us work with you to do that.

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