Project Experience

To provide you with some insight into the experience gained by Marr Consulting, here is a sampling of completed projects.


  • For a major outdoor retailer in Canada, Marr Consulting International lead the senior management team through a process to examine whether the company should enter the adventure travel realm, and if so, how and when. This included an assessment of markets, competition, financial aspects, with the creation of a clear vision of what was possible and appropriate, and the means to achieve this at some point in the future.

  • Team member on various projects for Parks Canada, including a national pricing strategy.

  • Participant in 2011 and Facilitator in 2012 of the Sustainable Tourism Roundtable sponsored by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA).

  • Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site tourism context and opportunities study and strategic advice on behalf of IISD. The purpose of the study was to examine tourism opportunities that may be enhanced by the inscription of Pimachiowin Aki as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.*

  • Study director and tourism expert to identify the priorities for 2010 Capital Plan for Travel Manitoba Visitor Information Centres. This process involved planning and facilitating two workshops to determine the vision, objectives, key factors and guiding principles for Manitoba's Visitor Information Centres in order to develop priorities for the Capital Plan that were strategic and achievable.

  • Development and facilitation of sustainable tourism workshops in British Colombia for tour operators in partnership with Victoria Island University.*

  • Travel Manitoba's website story content project. Included providing an action plan for consumer and media story content for one full year as well as coordinating and engaging writers and the creation of new written content.*

  • Churchill Climate Change project on behalf of Destination Churchill.*

  • Green Your Business: Toolkit for Tourism Operators for the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), Parks Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission. Marr Consulting identified the need for and then developed practical and concrete tools for the tourism industry, especially small and medium enterprises, to help integrate sustainability into their products, services and operations. The Toolkit will build on TIAC's Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism established in 2005.*

  • Best Practices Missions for Travel Manitoba. Marr Consulting developed, designed and implemented a series of best practices missions focused on the areas of winter festivals and birding. These missions combined inspiration with practical learning, which can be applied by the participants to their individual situations.

  • Planning services for the Canadian Chapter Society of American Travel Writers 2008 conference on behalf of Travel Manitoba and Via Rail.*

  • Concept development for the curricula and program for the Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia, Sustainable Tourism Workshop.*

  • Fly-fishing workshop and international market evaluation for Travel Manitoba. Marr Consulting designed and delivered a fly-fishing workshop, and evaluated the opportunity to market Manitoba as a fly-fishing destination to international tour operators.*

  • "Celebrate Winter" Task Force facilitation for The Forks Renewal Corporation and Festival du Voyageur. Marr Consulting took the lead, working with Meyers, Norris Penny, to facilitate a "Celebrate Winter" Task Force. Other responsibilities included guiding the process, preparing information for discussion, conducting research, and writing a final report. The Task Force looked at building on The Forks winter programming and the Festival du Voyageur by expanding the activities and programs offered in an effort to have Winnipeg recognized as a city that celebrates winter.

  • Tourism Packaging Capacity Project for Festival du Voyageur. On behalf of CDEM, Marr Consulting was Project Manager for Festival du Voyageur's Tourism Packaging Capacity Project. Duties included assessing existing challenges and opportunities, preparing a plan on how to create future packages and identifying packaging ideas.

  • Churchill Research Range and Environs Tourism Feasibility Study for Manitoba Conservation Parks and Natural Areas Branch. Marr Consulting worked as lead consultant with Scatliff+Miller+Murray Inc. for this study, which resulted in a comprehensive conceptual development plan for the Rocket Range site and surrounding tourism nodes in the north end of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

  • Tourism marketing consultant for Destination Churchill. Marr Consulting acts as strategic advisor and tourism marketing consultant for this new marketing group of tour operators, accommodations, and other suppliers.*

  • Project management and strategic direction for Rivers West. Marr Consulting provides project leadership and has undertaken strategic thinking to best understand and evaluate tourism opportunities and constraints in the Red River Valley from Emerson to Lake Winnipeg. Additionally, Marr developed tour and travel itineraries for exploration of the Red River Valley, using themes such as the fur trade, patterns of settlement, the natural environment, First Nations peoples, arts and literature. Commercial packages have also been developed for Rivers West, working with a variety of tourism attractions, suppliers and small businesses. Additionally, a packaging workshop was created, with ongoing dates of delivery, for tourism suppliers and entrepreneurs in the Red River Valley with scheduled follow-up and post-workshop mentoring.

  • Conference design and facilitation, tour itinerary writing for the Assiniboine Development Corridor Inc. This one-day event examined the experience of Rivers West as a model, solidified organizational goals and objectives, and prioritized key project areas for an action plan. Previous meetings and workshops had also assisted in the creation of the organization and in strategic planning.

  • Eco-tourism Feasibility Study for the Fox Lake Cree Nation. Marr Consulting conducted this study to identify the eco-tourism potential in the Fox Lake Cree Nation Traditional Use Area. The study investigated potential tourism opportunities and identified constraints and obstacles, which must be overcome if an eco-tourism venture is to succeed.

  • Best Practices in Provincial/Territorial and Destination Marketing, Organizations and their relationships with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for the Economic Planning Group. Marr Consulting worked on this Canadian Tourism Commission project to investigate best practices as described above.

  • Market profile of Canadian Badlands visitors for Travel Alberta and Alberta Economic Development. Marr Consulting conducted a market profile, including an analysis of the region's tourism products

  • Marr Consulting was sub-contracted by Bhudak Consultants Ltd. to develop the risk management procedures for bicycle touring for the COTA group insurance program.

  • For Northwest Community Futures Development Corporation, Marr Consulting provided project management and strategic guidance for the development of printed marketing materials, trade shows, as well as product packaging assistance.

  • Outdoor Adventure Guide for Travel Manitoba. Marr Consulting developed and edited the 2006-2007 Outdoor Adventure Guide, which involved re-focusing and re-organizing, as well as rewriting this marketing piece. An update in 2008 also occurred.*

  • Tourism workshop delivery for Travel Manitoba. Marr Consulting developed and facilitated a tourism product development workshop in the Rossburn Sub-division section of the Trans-Canada Trail. This workshop was subsequently expanded and offered to other trail associations.

  • Research and writing for H.N. Westdal & Associates. Marr Consulting researched and wrote the appendix for the 2003 Discussion Paper on the Manitoba Aboriginal Tourism Strategy. The nature and position of Aboriginal tourism in all other jurisdictions across Canada were identified in this appendix.

  • Study of the effects of forestry activities on recreational experiences of users of Duck Mountain Provincial Park for the Canadian Forest Service under the joint Federal-Manitoba Forestry Agreement.

Active Transportation

  • Active transportation expert for the development of the City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Design Guidelines.

  • Coordinating consultant overseeing the design and development of 37 active transportation routes and facilities in the City of Winnipeg Public Works as part of a tri-level government funded infrastructure stimulus project. Lead public consultation initiatives on behalf of the City of Winnipeg for many of the routes.*

  • Argue Bicycle Facilities public consultation project for the City of Winnipeg Public Works.*

  • Trail development expert for the Kenora, Ontario Beaches, Parks and Trails Development Project.*

  • Traffic Impact, Community Profile and Community Facilitation Study for the City of Winnipeg Public Works for the development of improved cycling routes in four areas of the city.*

  • Production of the Annual Reviews of the Moving on Sustainable Transportation (MOST) and the Urban Transportation Showcase Program (UTSP) for Transport Canada's Urban Transportation Group. This project involved review of past material and submitted reports, professional writing and editing services, and graphic design/layout. Marr Consulting was also responsible for French translation.*

  • Active Transportation Specialist on the team working with the City of Winnipeg, Public Works Department on the Route 90 project.*

  • Event planner and sponsorship coordinator for Bike to Work Day Winnipeg 2008, 2009 and 2010. Marr Consulting liaised with community groups and organizations at varying levels to ensure success of the event, financial and otherwise.*

  • Cycling Master Plan for the Haliburton Highlands Cycling Coalition in Haliburton County, Ontario. In this collaborative project, Marr Consulting worked with the Coalition to develop a comprehensive Cycling Master Plan that will provide a framework for the integration of cycling into transportation planning for Haliburton County.*

  • Active Transportation Plan for the Town of Fort Frances, Ontario. Marr Consulting worked as an Active Transportation specialist with the Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram team to develop an active transportation plan, including public consultation activities.*

  • Active Transportation Study for the City of Winnipeg. This study updated and expanded on the Winnipeg Bicycle Facilities Study, also completed by Marr Consulting. This project involved extensive public consultation, evaluated existing infrastructure, identified best practices, made recommendations regarding priorities for future facilities, including identifying their costs and benefits, as well as programming/policy initiatives, and developed a prioritized implementation plan.

  • Bicycling Study for the State of North Dakota, Departments of Transportation and Parks and Tourism. Marr Consulting acted as project manager, bicycle resource specialist, and provided public consultation services for this study, which resulted in a state-wide bicycle plan. The study reviewed existing facilities and developed a plan for recreational, commuter and tourism cycling across the state, as well as policies and programs.

  • Winnipeg Bicycle Facilities Study for the City of Winnipeg. Marr Consulting acted as project manager of this planning study to compile an inventory of bicycle facilities in Winnipeg and identify opportunities and priorities for new facilities development.

Environmental Consulting

  • Pointe du Bois Dam Modernization Project and Slave Falls Tramway Conversion for Manitoba Hydro. Marr Consulting held the position of recreation and tourism specialist as part of a team focusing on recreation and tourism for the Pointe du Bois EIS project on the Winnipeg River. Previous projects for Manitoba Hydro have included preparation of the Split Lake Transmission Complex Environmental Protection Plan, Bipole III Transmission Route Study; “Wisconsin Response”; woodland caribou brochure; “Fur, Feathers and Transmission Lines”, work on Limestone GS, Conawapa GS, thermal plants and monitoring programs and Project Manager of the Site Selection and Environmental Assessment Study for the Split Lake Transmission Line Projectand the Biophysical Team Manager for the Winnipeg-Brandon Transmission Complex for Manitoba Hydro.

  • Monitoring report for the Canadian Heritage River System. Marr Consulting prepared the monitoring report on the Seal River for 1992-2006, administered by Manitoba Conservation, Parks and Natural Areas Branch.

  • EIS public consultation for the City of Winnipeg, Department of Streets and Transportation. Marr Consulting undertook the position of Project Manager for a public consultation program for the River Heights/Crescentwood Traffic Study, and served as Study Director for an Environmental Impact Assessment of the Main and Norwood Bridges Project and Charleswood Bridge Project.

  • For Manitoba Model Forest Inc, Marr Consulting served as Project Manager for a Biophysical/Ecological Baseline Resource Information Study.

  • Hydro impacts review for Sagkeeng First Nation and Manitoba Hydro. Marr Consulting composed a retrospective review of impacts of Manitoba Hydro projects on the Winnipeg River. Responsible for coordinating the review of impacts on biological components

  • EIA team for Abitibi Price Inc. (Pine Falls). Ruth Marr was a member of the management team directing the environmental impact assessment of woodlands operations, where principal subject responsibilities included forest ecology, wildlife, parks and heritage resources.

  • Ruth Marr undertook a public consultation program for the implementation of a user-pay solid waste system for the Department of Waterworks, Waste and Disposal of the City of Winnipeg, and acted as Project Manager for a public consultation program of an Organizational Review for the City of Winnipeg, Departments of Operations, Streets and Transportation, and Waterworks, Waste and Disposal.

  • Ruth Marr conducted an evaluation of water quality and assessment of river use of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers for the City of Winnipeg.

  • Marr Consulting was the lead consultant for the environmental impact assessment of the Main and Norwood Bridges Project for the City of Winnipeg, Department of Streets and Transportation.

  • Editor for the Northern Manitoba Draft Plan and production of documents, including the final report: Sustainable Economic Development: A Plan For Action for the Northern Manitoba Economic Development Commission.

  • Joint provincial coordinator for the planning stages of Tree Plan Canada under the Green Plan for Forestry Canada.

Public Consultation

  • Consultant to the 2011 Manitoba Flood Review Task Force, responsible for all aspects of public consultation across Manitoba, including development of a website, the planning of many municipal meetings, a dozen open houses, media relations and other means by which the public could provide input to the Task Force.

  • Workshop designer and facilitator for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities training in public consultation for municipal politicians and staff.

  • Park Districts Service Fees Project for Manitoba Conservation, Parks and Natural Areas Branch. Marr Consulting acted as lead consultant on all public consultation aspects for the Park Districts Service Fees Project, Phases 1 and 2. Tasks included working closely with the overall Project Manager from Deloitte, developing a comprehensive participation plan, and responsibility for implementation.*

  • Facilitator for the Manitoba Floodway Authority and the Rural Municipality of Richot for a public information-sharing event on Artificial Flooding.*

  • Public consultation and strategic communications consultant on Disraeli Bridges replacement for Plenary Roads Winnipeg.*

  • Project manager for public consultation program on the implementation of a user-pay solid waste system for the City of Winnipeg, Department of Waterworks, Waste and Disposal.

  • Project manager for public consultation program regarding an Organizational Review for the City of Winnipeg, Departments of Operations, Streets and Transportation, and Waterworks, Waste and Disposal.

  • Strategic planning consultant for a variety of clients including the Environmental Protection Department of Manitoba Hydro, Whiteshell Task Force, and Winnipeg Exchange District Business Improvement Zone.

  • Workshop facilitator for the First National Wildlife Habitat Conference, Winnipeg.

  • Project manager for public consultation program on the River Heights/Crescentwood Traffic Study for the City of Winnipeg, Department of Streets and Transportation.

* A project of SMM doing business as Marr Consulting Services.

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