How to Use the Toolkit

At the beginning of the toolkit you will find a quick self-assessment piece. Use this tool to create a baseline of where you and your business currently are as well as to plot out where you would like to be. This resource is organized around three themes: tourism industry sector, business process, and the needs of SMEs. For example, in the first section tourism sectors such as accommodations providers, tour operators, and hunting and fishing outfitters will find tips and resources tailored just for them. Likewise, business processes such as purchasing, marketing and product development and needs such as water, waste and energy are addressed in individual chapters. The toolkit is not intended to be read back-to-front, nor is it a definitive treatise on sustainable tourism. While the case studies and scenarios scattered throughout are intended to provide inspiration and background, this document focuses squarely on actions, tasks and implementation. So get going. Review the table of contents; find a section that might have a strong application to your business-and jump right in.

Remember that the toolkit is not intended to be a static document but instead it is a living, breathing and evolving resource for you and your company to use. Feel free to modify and enhance any section to tailor it to your specific situation. Please share the toolkit with your colleagues, partners and other businesses and talk with each other to generate new ideas that are specific to your situation. The goal of sustainable tourism is to ensure the stability of the tourism industry for all future generations to enjoy, which can only happen when we all work together.

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